Wu Tang is for the children… and knows German

Anyone remember ODB storming the Grammy’s way back in the day? Oh the memories. As I was doing my last minute Thursday evening music trawl, I saw a recently release video for WuTang’s Y’all Been Warned, from the not so classic yet pretty decent album Iron Flag. Suddenly I was back in the 90’s rapping along to the mystery of chessboxing. Today, however, it’s Rza’s international oeuvre that has piqued my interest. For his album, The World According to the Rza, he travels across Europe working with some of the (then) hottest artists, adding his signature beats to a diverse set of languages and cultures with interesting if not always successful efforts. The two tracks for you are both from that album.


The Saian Supa Crew, rightly or wrongly, I refer to as the French version of Jurassic 5. It’s as close a comparison as I can make but that does not do them justice for they are fantastic in their own right. It’s not their best song by all means, but it is produced by the RZA. There will definitely be more from Saian as the series continues.

Next up is a Valentine’s day special – because I get soppy like that sometimes. It’s cheese galore but if there is ever a time when cheese is ok it’s when you’re smitten (or Valentine’s day). The Rza popped over to Germany to slow things down with Xavier Naidoo for not one but two versions of I have never seen – one in English and one in German.

und jetzt auf deutsch

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