World Music Friday

Last week, we had artists from Nigeria and Portugal. Keeping with the lusophone theme and my love of the Brazilian film, we kick of with Rap das Armas by Cidinho and Doca  from the soundtrack to Tropa de Elite, which talks about the special branch of the police force in Rio, created to battle crime in the favela.

I do have to say that the album version is much better.

From the favelas of Rio, we head over to Somalia, East Africa. K’naan is best know for his song Wavin’ Flag which was used for the world cup in South Africa. His story is rather incredible and forms the basis of a lot of his music. He was a child in Mogadishu while things were getting really bad.


Hugely influenced by US hip-hop, there is a strong east-African element to his work. The song we’ve chosen today perfectly sums up what we love about this artist. He starts off rapping in Swahili, switches to English, is then accompanied by luminaries such as Mos Def (now known as Yasiin Bey) and Charlie 2na (of Jurassic 5 fame) before finishing off in Swahili.

Happy listening and have a great weekend!

One comment to “World Music Friday”
One comment to “World Music Friday”
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