World Music Friday – Made in Britain

Some times the best things is life are just under your nose. It’s strange how the exotic always seems so exciting. We Brits sometimes look abroad without realising the incredible things we have at home. When I say Brits, I of course mean Londoners. Yet, many of us (especially me) end up wanting a life elsewhere. London is a wondefully tolerant place and it’s true that there is no place like it. Should I leave, I will miss it.

The Brits – where actually Brits or from whatever descent – seem to place humour in everything. It’s that self deprecation that I love. That inability to take oneself too seriously and by virtue that ability to be able to take the piss out of everything – absolutely nothing is sacred. You cannot beat that.

UK hiphop

So my first tune today has that tongue-in-check approach. It’s that classic track Harvey Nicks by the Mitchel Brothers ft Mike Skinner. The video speaks for itself:

I never really fully appreciated this next track until I heard them at the Barbican alonside the London Symphony Orchestra. Now that’s a mix. And to be honest, the orchestra were loving it. Frankly speaking, that version absolutely destroys the original. There’s something spectacular about a full orchestra taking on Grime.


For the purists:

Here’s a link to the live version, crap sound but you can get an idea of what I mean.

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