World Music Friday – first come, first share

The holidays threw me off completely. I forgot it was Friday so did not even plan today’s post – head still too much in Christmas dinner mode.

xmas music

Today’s songs were drawn at random from my playlist. I put it on shuffle and decided to share the first non-English speaking artists I came across (and liked). It’s rather refreshing as it forced me to listen to a song that I might have otherwise skipped.

The first song is by Dulce Matias (in Portuguese), an artist from Cape Verde. It’s a chilled out track, sung in Portuguese which adds to the very relaxed Christmas.

Then I remembered another group.

Next up is a track by UK group Heliocentrics which is described on Pitchfork as “progressive jazz funk of sorts”. It’s not something that I would listen to on a regular basis but always holds my interested whenever it comes on.

For those who don’t really like instrumental tracks, here’s a version with UK rapper Percy P.


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