Upcoming Adidas x Stella McCartney Go (Nearly) Zero Waste

Adidas has incorporated advanced textile cutting techniques into the design of the latest adidas by Stella McCartney range to ensure that 95 per cent of the fabric roll is used to create the final product. The remaining 5 per cent is either recycled or repurposed, so that no surplus material goes to waste.

Stella McCartney Adidas

To highlight this unique design and production process both the Running and adidas by Stella McCartney teams have developed a short animation to explain the concept and how it’s achieved. “The adidas by Stella McCartney range followed a holistic approach, playing with a few different colours whilst incorporating a 95 per cent organic fabric,” said the company. “ The range includes Low Waste Tees in bright citrus and soft heather grey that are complimented by Low Waste Shorts and a Short Sleeve Sweatshirt in white and light mint, as adidas by Stella McCartney introduces new high-sustainability pieces to the line.”

It said cutting techniques ensure 95 per cent of fabric used creates the final product, with the remaining 5 per cent recycled or repurposed, so that no surplus material goes to waste: “presenting the perfect performance and style option for those mindful of their carbon footprint.”

Craig Vanderoef, Business Unit Director, Global Running at adidas commented: “At adidas we are constantly striving to make our products better, not just by increasing performance, but by continuing to develop how the products are made. Our goal, when designing these ranges, was to maximise pattern efficiency while being as resourceful and creative as possible. We have created products that are high performing, and stylish that also reduce waste.”

These products will be available in Fall/Winter 2013.

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