The Veja Project at 6Heads Sustainability Shorts

On the 11th of December, I am presenting a short video for 6Heads alongside some pretty well respected organisations (Virgin, M&S, Interface to name a few. It’s an opportunity to engage with people on one of my favourite brands – Veja. I have a profound respect and admiration for the way they do things. Having spoken with Aurelie Dumont (UK Country Manager) on numerous occasions, even inviting her to speak during my tenure at ASOS, I have come to appreciate the way they conduct their operations from start to finish.

Veja Centre Commercial

There is a certain level of mindfulness about the way they do things. Each section of the business is given equal consideration – from the supply of organic cotton and rubber from indigenous plants based in the Amazon to the delivery of goods once they get to France (conducted by the Ateliers Sans Frontières – a French social charity that helps the disadvantaged reintegrate into society through work.) It’s a great example of what can be achieved with a little thought and imagination about how the world can be.

You can read more about Veja on the Guardian sustainable business blog.

For those who cannot attend the event, the video is here:

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