Presenting the WISE Creative founders

Rose Fulbright and Helena F. McKeown.

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Rose Fulbright is a luxury British-made lingerie brand, whose designs are inspired by 1930s lingerie, meaning that the garments have a sleek and minimal style. Check out her lookbook.

Helena F. McKeown founded MULTEMYR in late 2012. Her garments are all made of 100% natural fabrics (mainly wool, silk, linen, cotton and hemp) and are designed and made in London.

This creative association, named WISE for Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, aims to provide a supportive platform for brands wanting to share their experience and expertise, and learn from other labels.

The WISE Creative stands for the very highest quality of luxury British-made products spanning clothing, beauty, jewelry and interiors. We will become a trusted organisation, leading experts in design and manufacturing in the British Isles. You can also keep up to date on their Facebook page.

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Tickets include: Afternoon tea, a glass of British sparkling wine and soft drinks all day.

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