Oxymoron2013 Brand Profiles: Katharina Kasier – Outsider Fashion


Katharina Kaiser

Every step of Katharina’s creative process, from the range of materials to production is based on the highest quality and done under environmentally friendly processes. Mindfullness and Luxury combined with classic, timeless designs ensure both style and comfort.

All materials are environmentally certified, are sourced from Europe, and finished by hand in small family run workshops. This not only preserves handcrafted culture but also maintains the high levels of quality needed. All products are finished in Germany, under fair trade practices to create a fair product.


Michelle Lowe Holder

Michelle Lowe Holder is a unique and stunning accessories label based on the sustainable and ethical practises of zero waste, upcyling by using ends of lines and “cabbage” (scraps from previous collections) with UK production has become integral to the label. Collections from AW10 develop and explore “ribbon art”, a kind of antique folding technique interlaced with crochet and hand cut bases.



MULTEMYR is a women’s wear label introducing a stylish, classic, comfortable, value for money and high-quality clothing range made from only 100% natural fibres. The clothes are designed in London and made in the UK and Europe. Care is put into supply and distribution chains to minimise carbon emissions and waste wherever possible.

One of MULTEMYR’s ambitions is to be involved in all areas of the supply chain – from farmed fibre, textile production to clothes design, manufacture and distribution. Also consumer care and post-use recycling are highly considered elements in what optimally could become a ‘closed loop’ operation. Operating as a social enterprise, 100% of net profits will be channelled to an independent fund which in turn will invest in local and international projects that promote the core objectives of MULTEMYR; the reduction of waste, increased consumer awareness, local sourcing and employment promotion, sustainable business principles, fairness and transparency.



Phannatiq was established by talented young designer Anna Skodbo, whose unmistakable textiles are inspired by her love affair with forgotten London, urban industrial decay and street art and textures. The collections feature figure hugging shapes alongside sassy anti-fit cutting, rubbing delicate printed silks and chiffons shoulder to shoulder with jerseys, wools and leather. Phannatiq is an ethically minded brand, already producing in the UK and using hand silk screen printing techniques, they are continuously working on being sustainable and minimising their footprint. Each piece is hand produced making every Phannatiq garment unique.


Operation Wardrobe

The upcycling specialists formerly known as Junky Styling, Operation Wardrobe is a one stop shop for those pieces in your closet you love but don’t know what to do with. They have been around for 15 years, reconstructing clothing and bring a heap of imagination to wardrobes all over.


Outsider Fashion

Outsider was launched in 2009 with a mission statement that set the scene “Ethical fashion should just look like fashion”. Outsider garments can be worn and loved season after season. They are passionate about using alternative and sustainable fibres – almost half of the world’s clothing and textiles use dangerous pesticides or use large amounts of water during their growth or are made from oil – these are not sustainable or environmentally friendly options. These materials include organic cotton, Merino Wool, Organic Merino wool suiting, Hemp and Silk as well as Tencel.


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