Oxymoron2013 Brand Profiles: Ada Zanditon – Choolips


Ada Zanditon

Ada Zanditon, born and based in London, is a first class graduate of the London College of Fashion. Core to the brand philosophy is a sustainable business practise which Zanditon is constantly refining and seeking to improve. A wide range of sustainable textiles are sourced. This is part of her design philosophy, a belief in the strength of diverse systems. All the products are currently manufactured in London.



Antithesis is the brainchild of London College of Fashion alumni Renée Lacroix and Zahra Ash-Harper. They aim to source our materials as local as possible. They buy UK-made materials whenever possible and source the rest from neighbouring countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland. All products are manufactured in the UK. They work with two factories based in London which they visit frequently. When choosing a manufacturer, they opt for factories employing highly-skilled machinists and offering good living wages and safe working conditions.


Arthur & Henry

Arthur & Henry believe that every man needs a good shirt and so we founded Arthur & Henry to provide beautiful, ethical, men’s shirts. Arthur and Henry – grandparents of the founders – both lived in an age where a shirt was both an everyday item of clothing, and something special to be looked after.  Holes darned, cuffs reversed & collars starched.  We don’t yearn for a rose tinted past, but we take inspiration from it.  Arthur & Henry stems from an era when men dressed just that little bit smarter and clothes were made to last.


Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin was born in 2001 because it seemed impossible to be both stylish and cruelty free. There were simply no gorgeous, vegan shoes to be found anywhere! They set out on a mission to bring about style and quality to those that cared. All shoes are made in sunny Alicante, Spain, and they are based in lovely, but not quite so sunny Hove near Brighton. Everything happens from this seaside hub, where they design collections, send shoe orders out, and generally tinker away at their wonderful website which we love.



Choolips is a London based womenswear label headed by designer Annegret Affolderbach.

Growing up in East Germany, Annegret moved to London in the mid 90’s. Annegret’s passion for textiles brought to mind the idea to revamp ancient techniques such as Batik. She has succeeded in  creating on trend textiles made into what women desire: dresses. They are produced by a local skilled workforce, following Fairtrade principles, in the home country of those techniques – Ghana and India.

Introducing the luxuries of ancient textiles traditions & high quality craftsmanship back into fashion, Choolips creates exquisitely detailed collections which are seamless blends of cultures with the backbone of sustainability.


2 comments to “Oxymoron2013 Brand Profiles: Ada Zanditon – Choolips”
2 comments to “Oxymoron2013 Brand Profiles: Ada Zanditon – Choolips”
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