Our Work


Circular Economy

Advised large retailer on reducing plastic bag waste at their warehouse through improved collaboration with the suppliers. The retailer was able to sell used plastic bags back to their suppliers, who were then able to increase the percentage of recycled material in the plastic bags for customer use.

Win for the retailer, win for the supplier and win for the customer

Energy Saving

Investigation of energy use at head office of a retailer revealed lack of knowledge on energy use in the building. Inclusi helped to track energy costs, create proposals for installation of energy meters where necessary and to consolidate energy supply therefore getting better rates while sourcing energy from green tariffs. We also advise on renewable installations.

Environmental  Policy Development

Charged with creating an environmental policy for a large online retail company. ISO14001 was their initial preferred system but switched to the UN Global Compact in order to suit the company’s style of working. Launched the policy, which now features on their website, alongside training and internal engagement programs for staff.


Set up WEEE and Waste Packaging systems – Inclusi worked with a major retailer to find the correct solutions, not just for the UK but for the entire EU market. Inclusi also helped the company to find internal solutions for gathering the data, setting up IT systems at the back end and working to create symbols for display on the website to alert customers.

SCAP (Sustainable Clothing Action Plan)

Worked with a fashion retail company to engage with SCAP (run by government body WRAP) to further their sustainable fashion agenda after encouraging them to sign up to the program. Led the creation of systems alongside the IT and sourcing teams for the collation of data. Ran the life cycle analysis software and reported on the impact of textile choices on the sustainable fashion strategy.

Sustainable Design Solutions

Due to a combination of increasing energy and raw material costs, the need for efficiency and to minimise environmental and social impact is increasing importance. We help you to understand material impacts and develop innovative solutions for the market by furthering your understanding of issues while working with your design and product teams. We constantly monitor developing technologies and materials to identify the optimum solution for each project.

One comment to “Our Work”
One comment to “Our Work”
  1. Hi Christian, I’m moving to Sierra Leone in June to work on sustinability projects. I understand you were there for a time doing something similar? I’d love to hear more about what you did. Thanks, Ben

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