One night in Rio

The Hotel Costes series of Albums is one of my favourite collections. It seems to suit any occasion involving staying at home – whether that’s a house party or sitting in trying to revise (volumes at slightly different levels of course).

hotel costes 5


On the way home today, as my iPod was on shuffle, I had the pleasure of hearing Louie Austen’s amusing “One Night in Rio”. In true Hotel Costes style, it’s a melodic tune but the narrative of the song is really what makes it as Louie describes his journey across the globe and all the various mishaps. Considering that the vocals are so prominent, it’s remarkable that the song never seems to get old. Also just found out that Louie is a 67 year old classically trained Jazz musician which adds an extra element of surprise to the song.

Next up is a favourite Brazilian artist of mine – Fernanda Porto, singing Só Tinha Que Ser Com Voce. I discovered her through my addiction to DJ Marky and his drum and bass anthem LK. Fernanda Porto is known as a Drum and Bossa singer which is why the Drum and Bass sound suits her so well.

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