Nike, Sustainability and Fashion


I admire that work that Nike has been doing in this area. After their early issues around supply chain issues, they have really grab the bull by the horns and taken CSR and sustainability initiaves to new heights. Nike are founding members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, donating their Apparel Environmental Design tool which was used to create the Higg Index. Their innovative spirit has led to the creation of football shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, shoes made using thermo-moulding technology and the Nike Flyknit shoe which is made using the exact amount of thread needed.

Nike’s latest development is a new app called Making. It was designed in collaboration with the fantastic team at the Center for Sustainable Fashion – including Alex McIntosh and Dilys Williams. The app gives users access to Nike’s Materials Sustainability Index so designers can monitor the the environmental implications of the materials they work with.

The videos below gives you a better idea of what the app does:

Recycled Football Shirts from Nike

Introduction to Flyknit Technology

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