Introducing: World Music Fridays

For a while, we have been thinking about adding a new element to the posts. We love music. Very rarely do you see us without headphones when out and about. As sad as it may seem, having a soundtrack to life makes fills us with joy. This site is all about promoting creativity and innovation within the sustainability space but it is also about showcasing diversity, fun and life around the global – the things that make us individuals and the things that bring us together. The music scene is a great way to show both at the same time.


Each Friday, we will post one or two songs from around the world, hopefully with a video as visuals can be rather enlightening. With the world cup taking place in Brazil next year, we are going to keep an eye out for some Baile Funk aka Funk Carioca. As our founder is an African, specifically a Sierra Leonean, we pay an increasing amount of attention to West African music and the scene in Nigeria is incredible. So we start in Nigeria and the head over to Brazil via Portugal for a World Cup special.

We do hope you enjoy this section and we welcome comments and suggestions. Use hashtag on twitter or instagram: #inclusiWMF

Here we go….

From Nigeria:

Burna Boy – Yawa Dey

From Portugal, representing pretty much the entire Portuguese speaking diaspora, fusing techno beats with African Kuduro.

Buraka Som Sistema – Bota

Check out the video for Adidas below

One comment to “Introducing: World Music Fridays”
One comment to “Introducing: World Music Fridays”
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