In Praise of Sustainia

Buried as deep into what I call “The Betterness Projects” as I am, it’s rather refreshing to get involved with something like Sustainia. The Danish initiative founded by Erik Rasmussen of Mandag Morgen, Sustainia is the result of much frustration, negative language and inability to make a move on the most pressing issue of our times – Climate Change.

Sustainia steps in as a call to action. Brimming with excellent innovations from both the global North and South, solutions for a better world are presented in such a vibrant and exciting way it serves to remind us all why we do what we do. Climate change is not limiting – neither creatively or economically, it just changes the parameters through which we measure success into something that is more focused towards people and environment.

The Sustainia 100 is the yearly production of the most innovative solutions to the important issues of our time made accessible to all. If this isn’t enough to get you on board then I don’t know what is.

Check them out for yourself:


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