Goodness for the body – inside and out.

Goodness for the body – inside and out.

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The festive season draws ever closer and the temperature drops. As we are so thoughtful at the WISE Creative, we sought out brands that would be perfect for the season. Good Shot helps you nurse those festive hangovers while Conscious Skincare keeps the outside beautiful.

The Good Shot range of drinks, founded by Hilary Marsh, is a delicious selection of drinks loaded with nutrients reputed to mitigate the damaging effects of alcohol, including hangover.

Described as “the Krug of functional drinks”, feedback for the first Good Shot to launch – Opening Shot – is entirely positive. People are startled by how well it works, and soon become hooked on the distinctive flavour. Satisfyingly complex, dry and refreshing on its own, at less than 34 calories per 200ml serving and half a percent alcohol, it’s also a great mixer with white wine, whiskey, gin, and various other spirits and cocktail ingredients.

Some of the raw materials and vitamins inevitably come from overseas, but otherwise all the design, manufacture and added value happens in WISE – mainly in England.

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Conscious Skincare is an award-winning British organic skin and body care brand that has been going since 2011, lovingly made at the company’s rural retreat in Wales.

The heart of Conscious Skincare is its high performance ingredients, with a focus on quality over quantity. Every ingredient works hard to serve a specific purpose to benefit the skin and nothing extra is added for the sake of colour, fragrance or bleaching.
The provenance of its ingredients is of the utmost importance to Conscious Skincare, with every supplier carefully chosen to ensure high ethical standards and fair trade throughout the supply chain where possible.
Free from chemicals, synthetics and preservatives, Conscious Skincare is also strongly against animal testing. All products are approved by a Cosmetic Chemist to meet with current EC Directive Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations and are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

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Tickets include: Afternoon tea, a glass of British sparkling wine and soft drinks all day as well as the chance to wine a wonderful prize.

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