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After years of stumbling around talking about Climate Change, global environmental issues and other pending doom and gloom scenarios we at Inclusi decided that enough was enough. Now, we look beyond emissions targets, rising sea levels and environmental destruction at the creative potential of people and embracing the challenges new parameters bring to create a more inclusive world. This requires imagination, daring and persistence – characteristics we have in abundance. Come to us for thought leadership, scenario planning and radical innovation.

These pages will tell you of the work that is being done throughout the world.

Inclusi provides organizations with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. We specialize in helping under-resourced organizations implement sustainable solutions usually reserved for large, multinational companies.

  • Recognize your fundamental social and environmental impacts
  • Build a sustainability plan to align your triple bottom line
  • Determine your carbon footprint and help you go carbon-neutral
  • Develop a sustainability report to share your commitment
  • Green your supply chain and optimize your product life cycle

A good consulting relationship requires strategic insight, technical skill, and a high level of trust.  You need all three elements to be successful, and that’s why we encourage you to get to know us before you decide whether we’re the right partner for your organization.

Let’s put competition aside and collaborate. Let’s create a world that is enjoyable, accessible, made by the people for all of the world’s species.

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One comment to “What we do”

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