Inclusi WMF: Guinea to Brazil

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Admittedly, I have no real excuse. It’s just been a rather busy stretch.

Kora i


I did find a song a few weeks back with the intention of sharing but never got round to it. It’s been in my head ever since – the song has that distinctive Malian guitar blues sound which is combined with Hip-hop to form, what has been for me, an unforgettable track. The song comes from the singer/songwriter/beatboxer/rapper Joe Driscoll and Guinea’s Kora aficionado Sekou Kouyate. The Kora is a 21 string instrument and can sounds like a harp or, as in this case, more like a blues guitar.

If you really like the song, it’s also available for free.  Their album “Faya” is out now!

Early on in this series, I mentioned that Brazil would feature heavily due to the world cup. And yes, we feature Brazilian music again but with a twist. And because I feel so bad for having left you without an update for so long, you don’t get just one song. It’s an entire album called “Da Rocinha“. (Click on link to listen). The tracks come from Grand Rapids, MI via Seattle, WA based producer Sango who samples a couple of classic R’n’B songs and brilliantly blends them with Brazilian funk carioca.

Enjoy the sounds.

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