Understated elegance from Multemyr and Spencer H

The WISE Creative presents: Understated elegance from Multemyr and Spencer H

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Multemyr is a women’s wear label producing high quality, locally made classic clothing. The range is highly trans-seasonal yet is split in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter to appropriately reflect the time of year.

The pieces are all made of 100% natural fabrics (silks, cotton, wool, linen, hemp and blends), trimmings are as natural as possible (shell and glass buttons, cotton threads etc) and the fabric sourcing as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Spencer H creates soft yet industrial, bold jewellery for the modern woman looking for something unique. The collection features tactile luxury womenswear pieces at an affordable designer price point with the ability to transcend seasons.

The use of contrasted hard metal elements with the softer textures of natural cotton dyed black rope has become the signature of the label, creating the perfect easy to wear statement piece. Pieces feature components that are not usually associated with jewellery, challenging the idea of luxury.

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Tickets include: Afternoon tea, a glass of British sparkling wine and soft drinks all day.

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